My name is Julian and I’m one of the owners of Old West Cannabis Company. My sidekick is my brother-in-law and co-owner, Kevin. We were reminiscing about growing up in Oshawa and it made me feel like putting some thoughts down on paper. Excuse my ramblings but maybe you’ll find a nugget of information here that makes you say, “Hmm”.

There’s No Place Like Home

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that you can’t find a better place to call home than Oshawa. The folks in the big cities give us short shift and proudly proclaim they’d never live here. Having lived here myself for almost 50 years, I can attest that the feeling is mutual; I would not want them to come here and ruin a good thing. The thing about Oshawa is, it’s genuine. There is no trucking with fancy labels and such; by and large, what you see is what you get. In other places, a person who wins the lottery immediately dreams of moving to Hollywood; in Oshawa, the first order of business would be a new truck, followed by dinner at Teddy’s. (Personally, I’d add lunch at Mr. A’s to the list).

I must confess, when I head up to the new places on Simcoe Street North, by the old Windfields Farm property, I always cast my mind back to when EP Taylor’s farm was in full operation. Once you saw those white fence boards, you knew that you would soon see paddock after paddock filled with some of the finest thoroughbreds in Canadian horse racing. And the same sort of memories strike when I head the opposite way to the lake, where I grew up. The second I see Wentworth Street, I feel a sense of calm as I know my old home on Oxford is not far away. That calm is always tempered by the memory of the old tannery when it was in operation – that place could put up a powerful cloud of stench when it had a mind to. But working there put food on the table for a lot of families back in the day.

It’s The Simple Things …

That’s the thing that keeps me living in Oshawa. It’s the memories. Of riding a bicycle down Thomas Street and across the old bridge (not the modern fancy one, the old one that had a suicide twist at the bottom). Of swinging on the rope swing into the Oshawa Creek on a hot summer day. Or hiking the endless fields past GM to the old ruins of Camp X.

My, we had some adventures when I was a boy. And don’t get me started on the Civic Auditorium. If I wasn’t freezing to death in the swimming pool on a Saturday afternoon, then I was waiting for the next wrassling event when the likes of Lord Athol Layton, Chief Jay Strongbow or Abdullah The Butcher would make their way to Oshawa for a glorious evening of entertainment. I was too young to attend but I recall my sister’s friends losing their minds when they found out that the Rolling Stones would be playing at the Civic Auditorium … something about Keith Richards getting caught with Marijuana.

Who would have thought that 50 years later, you’d be able to freely enjoy Cannabis in Oshawa? In fact, if Keith Richards dropped a bag of weed in front of a policeman today, the officer would likely pick it up, hand it to him and wish him a good day. Maybe we can get Keith to come back to Oshawa and test that theory sometime. That would make for a neat memory for some young person, and they’d be able to share it with a future audience.

Stop By Sometime

Next time you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by Old West Cannabis Company and set a spell, especially if you have some stories to share from Oshawa’s days gone by. You don’t have to be in the market for any Cannabis from our recreational dispensary, although we can certainly help if you are. Perhaps you’d just like to sit in one of our rocking chairs on the front porch and chat with our staff. Whatever your reasons, we hope you know that when it comes to Oshawa, we’re hometown proud.

Happy Trails,