Howdy Weed Lovers!

Here at Old West Cannabis, we don’t know how to be any way but neighbourly! Gosh darn it, we’ve missed seeing your happy faces all these long lonely months!

Now that the doors are open, we have prettied up the pastures and there are some new cowpokes on the team:

  • Mandy is our new Sheriff- She has a history in retail cannabis and is versed on just about everything there is to know about the cannabis plant. If you have any questions, y’all don’t hesitate to give her a holler!
  • Ethan is a smart and friendly Budslinger from right here in Oshawa. He is very knowledgeable in all things cannabis and accessories and loves the highest THC!
  • Laura is a well-read and peace-lovin’ Budslinger who originally hails from New Brunswick! Laura is happy to talk cannabis til the rooster crows!
  • Chris is a local boy with a passion for all things cannabis related. He is also up on all the latest cannabis trends and licenced producers. He’s also the friendliest Budslinger ’round.
  • Brie is the most outgoing, bubbliest Budslinger in the ol’ west! She really knows her stuff and will talk cannabis till the cows come home!
  • Téa is a chill, knowledgeable lady with a passion for good cannabis and a real interest in topical cbd products. She sure can sling some bud!
  • Erik is the tallest, but we call our youngest Budslinger, “Erik the Kid.” Erik is helpful and happy to talk cannabis with everyone.

Old West Cannabis Company is a locally owned and operated retail cannabis store with a passion for Oshawa and Cannabis! We will always be the most informed and easy-going bunch of cowpokes, and we’re just happy to have you stop by for a good jaw-wag. Come in to check out our new accessories and great deals, inside!!

Cheers folks!!

-Old West Cannabis Co.