Did you know what gives Cannabis its smell and flavour? The answer is Terpenes and they’re some of the coolest darn things about Cannabis! Terpenes, “terps”are naturally occurring cannabinoids in cannabis that give it a distinct smell and flavour profile. There’s even widespread belief that the terpene profile of a strain can affect your high. For example, the OCS says Linalool, a common Terpene associated with Lavender may aid in relaxation.  Now, kick your boots up and get ready to do some learnin’.


This Terpene is the wagon that helps the THC and CBD pass the blood/brain barrier. This terpene will tickle yer sniffer with its peppery, spicy aroma. This terpene blows its top early with a low boiling point of 266 degrees Fahrenheit.


This Terpene turns up in most cultivars! 80 per cent to be exact. Cultivars with more than 50 per cent myrcene are usually classified as indica! This terpene can smell earthy, hoppy, and fruity! Fun Fact: Myrcene can be found in Mangos too! Myrcene boils at 334 degrees Fahrenheit.


Nerolidol is a tricky terpene to find but you will know when you come across it! Characterized by its fruity, citrusy, and rose-like aromas. This terpene is said to have relaxing effects and boils mighty low at just 251 degrees Fahrenheit.


Common in both Cannabis and Lavendar, Linalool is floral, woody, and spicy in its aroma. Most common in Indica dominant cultivars, linalool is said to have a calming effect on the user. Linalool boils at 390 degrees Fahrenheit.


This tangy terpene has an unmistakable lemony aroma to it. The zesty aroma of citrus won’t only perk up your senses, this Terpene mostly belongs to the Sativa family and is said to have uplifting properties. Limonene boils at 349 degrees Fahrenheit.


A trickier terpene to find, Terpinol smells like Ma’s garden with a sweet, flowery aroma reminiscent of lilacs. This terpene boils at 426 Fahrenheit and is said to have uplifting properties.

Pinene (Alpha and Beta)

This here Terpene is a twin! We got two types:

  • Alpha is the first type and it is characterized by smelling like pine needles, only without those pesky pinecones. Pinene Alpha can also have hints of orange in its smell and taste profile.
  • Beta is a little more savory, smelling like rosemary and lime. The Pinene Terpene is said to have uplifting effects and boils at 311 degrees Fahrenheit.


Humulene is a strong terpene that gives off a hoppy, woody, and spicy aroma.  In addition to being found in many cultivars, this Terpene is also present in hops used to make beer! Whether you’re into beer or bud, Humulene should interest you! Some people say it may even help suppress appetite—good for cowboys or girls not to empty their pantry in a bout of the munchies! Boiling at just 225 degrees Fahrenheit, this should be one of the first terpenes you taste in a dry herb vaporizer.


If this terpene smells like a perfume you wear, its probably IN your perfume! This terpene is characterized by its sweet, floral and earthy aroma! Commonly used in perfumes this terpene might be one the best smelling! This Terpene has an extremely low boiling point at just 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

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